BBL stands for Broadband Light, and it’s an incredible tool in the laser lineup for repairing sun-damaged skin. The “intense pulsed light” technique has been shown to be successful in back of the hand rejuvenation. A skilled technician uses the device to deliver pulses of light and gently heat the upper layers of the skin. At ProMD Health, we offer BBL treatments in conjunction with other hand rejuvenation treatments in order to maximize your results.

Setting New Standards

BBL has quickly become the little darling of the laser community for its innovative technology and pinpoint accuracy in targeting skin imperfections on any area of the body. It’s a gentle, safe and non-invasive beauty treatment.

The light energy emitted by the device has been designed to stimulate your skin cells to reestablish new collagen formation for firmer, smoother, creaseless skin. The treatment also restores the natural skin tone color to the area, in this case, the back of the hands and to allow the skin to look more youthful.

Performing Like Magic

Broadband Light technology is excellent at improving skin conditions like age spots, freckles, small veins, unwanted hair, uneven skin texture, melasma and skin laxity. All of these imperfections can affect the back of the hands. A lot of people don’t like showing off their hands in photographs because people often notice the general signs of aging there.

BBL’s advanced features are able to deliver its powerful pulse of light energy to destroy spots and pigmented lesions from the skin and return a healthy color and velvety texture.

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