Aromatherapy Facial Mission: Relaxation

At Esthetic Solutions we offer an aromatherapy facial is used to enhance the typical benefits of a facial with the help of essential oils. Your esthetician will choose which oils work best with your skin type, and then steam your face and unclog your pores with a peel or scrub. Oils can be chosen based on a specific scent or mood you’re going for, or for the soothing properties some of them provide.

What benefits can oils offer?

Relaxation: During the Aromatherapy Facial oils such as lavender and peppermint can help with relaxation and the calming of sensitive skin. Lavender is especially good for people with skin rashes, eczema or acne, and is good for any skin type.

Soothing & Exfoliating: Lavender oil is helpful during the aromatherapy facial for calming and soothing sensitive skin, while other oils provide relief for different skin types. If you have acne-prone skin, tea tree, lemongrass and geranium can help bring balance back into your skin. Combination skin can be helped with a mixture of tea tree and patchouli, providing extra moisture to the dry skin.

How do I choose my oils?

Your aromatherapy facial will be chosen by your skin’s needs as well as your emotional needs. Your esthetician will analyze your skin and ask you questions about your mood, and choose the appropriate blends of essential oils for you.

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client receiving aromatherapy facial at Esthetic Solutions Scottsdale