Lights, Camera, Lashes

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent solution to your full lash dreams! They are hand glued individually onto your natural lashes by a technician, and last six to eight weeks. They are fully customizable to your preferences, and a typical set consists of 70-80 lashes per eye. Lashes fall out naturally, and you just need to come in for a fill-in to replace them.

How do I choose my lashes?

Your technician will help you choose the best lashes for you, and consider your natural lash length and shape, as well as your face shape and bone structure. Extensions are customizable with the number of lashes per eye, the type of curl and the length.

How do I prepare?

Do not wear any type of eye makeup to your lash appointment. Anything on or near your eyelid and eyelash area can affect the way your lashes turn out.

Don’t get your lashes wet for the first 24 hours after application, as the adhesive will need to fully cure. Mascara is not recommended on your eyelash extensions, and it is best to avoid cream-based eyeliners. When removing makeup, swipe downward with an eyelash extension friendly makeup remover. Lashes can get tangled when sleeping or showering, so brushing them daily with a spoolie brush is important.

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