You really can take your life back!

Hormone Replacement Therapy can help both men and women who are suffering from hormone imbalance as they age. If you have been previously diagnosed and are still suffering from perimenopause, menopause or low testosterone levels, this treatment might be the answer for you.

For women, menopause can include hot flashes, the inability to sleep, mood swings, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, thinning hair, weight fluctuations and headaches/migraines. Low testosterone in men can affect sexual desire and mood.

How does hormone replacement work?

Hormone Replacement Therapy fights the effects of aging by mimicking your body’s hormones prior to menopause or low testosterone levels. In women, hormone replacements act as the ovaries and bring balance back to your progesterone and estrogen levels, leaving you in menopause without the painful side effects.

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