Eliminate double chin, among other areas—forever

KYBELLA®  is a non-surgical injectable procedure that eliminates fat pockets…permanently!

How does Kybella work?

This injectable fat treatment is individually tailored to improve many areas of fat, including your chin, jaw profile, bra fat, under boob, abdominal roll, inner/outer thigh contouring and banana roll as well as knee and inner elbow fat. Essentially, if you can pinch it, we can poke it. It works by permanently destroying fat cells in the treated area.

How many treatments will I need?

Your provider will determine the number of treatments needed to achieve the desired outcome during an initial consultation. This treatment is expensive, and costs about the same or more as liposuction. The beauty is that when we’re done, your skin has been tightened in the process, and there is NO scar.

What can I expect before, during, and after treatment?

You will enter the treatment room and make yourself comfortable in the treatment chair. You will discuss desired results and then treatment will be administered with very small needles into the area. You can resume normal everyday activity following treatment.

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Pre-treatment instructions
  • Schedule important events 2-3 weeks after treatment. It takes some time for the results to fully show and you may have some initial bruising. The procedure works by swelling so plan for downtime after each treatment.
  • We recommend you avoid salt, alcohol and vigorous exercise for 24 hours after. Plan to ice and elevate the area for comfort.