Want to Know Our Sexy Summer Secret?

If you have a low sex drive, painful intercourse, and unsightly scars or ingrown hairs, there is hope. We offer a "mommy makeover" for lady bits that can help you regain your femininity and confidence. 
You can improve your vaginal health, reduce incontinence, and experience fireworks in the bedroom. Is it time to get your "O" back on?
We want to make sure you are ready for fireworks in the bedroom. Plus, our experienced laser technician will make sure you are bikini or lingerie ready.
We use cutting-edge technology to restore youthful tissues through innovative procedures such as lasers and painless injectables. All procedures are done by medical specialists with years of experience in the field of sexual rejuvenation.
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Reward Yourself with our TryFEM™ Summer Package

Save 25% through September*

- FemiLift Vaginal Tightening Laser Treatment

- Bikini Laser Hair Removal Package (three sessions)

- Nelly De Vuyst Feminine Product

*Some restrictions apply - call the office to learn more and schedule your private consultation

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