A complete range of products intended for the care of the intimate feminine area. Formulated for women’s wellness, the Bio|Femme products are ideal for daily hygiene, pH balance, firmness and ingrown hairs.

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Delicate and ultra-gentle cleansing foam specially designed for everyday feminine hygiene. Ideal for maintaining the balance of the intimate flora and ensuring a feeling of freshness that lasts all day.

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Ideal to use after hair removal, laser treatment or shaving. Recommended for the prevention of ingrown hair and folliculitis. A natural cleansing and purifying complex that also prevents skin rashes.

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Ideal to reduce the discomfort associated with dryness of the intimate mucosa. Formulatedfor those in pre and post-menopause. Moisturizes and softens vaginal skin providing immediate hydration.

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Ideal for post-depilatory care of the bikini area and skin predisposed to ingrown hair as well as to calm irritations caused by razor, wax or laser procedure.

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Super moisturizing and regenerating oils to help relieve dryness. Ideal purifying and moisturizing care for the intimate feminine area. Prevents the disequilibrium of the skin flora during menopause.

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