Debbie Schechner



Debbie Schechner is Esthetic Solutions Med Spa’s Laser Artist. She is a Certified Laser Technician, Certified Laser Instructor, and Laser Safety Officer. She is also known as the HALO Queen.

But, don’t let the name fool you; Schechner has extensive knowledge in more than just the Sciton® HALO®. She has worked with approximately 25–35 laser devices throughout the past 17 years of her experience.

She fell into laser treatments because she hated waxing and shaving constantly, especially her in-grown hairs. Waxing was creating issues like in-grown hair, scarring, redness, and bumps. This was the answer she had been looking for throughout her teenage years. She could remove hair to create smooth skin with laser hair removal, go to the beach, and wear that bikini with confidence.

­­Laser Hair Removal was the first part of her journey, which opened a whole new world for Schechner about what was possible with lasers, skincare, and even anti-aging treatments. Schechner also educates doctors, nurses, and other laser artists on the advanced skincare laser technology she loves.

Debbie uses laser technology to produce quickly visible, life-changing results that require her experience and dedication to each patient’s individual goals.

It’s not the device—it’s the technician.

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