TryTOX® Methods

What Are The TryTOX® Methods?

Emily Tryon, RN, created a specific treatment for each area of the face and body using cosmetic injectables combined with laser treatments and a customized medical-grade skincare routine. Request a private consultation with one of our trained practitioners to determine which method below will ensure your best outcome.

The Way It Works

We have you come in for a consultation to go over your needs, wants, and goals and from there we will customize a solution to ensure a natural look—designed to correct, perfect, and maintain. We have 5 different TryTOX® Methods.

TryFEM® Method

  • Start with the FemiLift®, our women’s rejuvenation laser treatment. It’s comfortable, quick, and easy.
  • In that same visit, our practitioners recommend adding on the Women’s Shot, for added sensation and rejuvenation benefits.
  • Finally, begin a customized home skincare treatment using the Nelly De Vuyst® Bio|Femme collection. A complete range of products intended for the care of the feminine area, which will be purchased in the med spa.

The TryFEM® Method requires 3 treatment sessions spaced 4 weeks apart, then every 12 months.

TryGLO® Method

  • The first step is a pre-treatment cosmetic injectable.
  • The next step is to begin a customized home skincare routine, which will be purchased in the med spa.
  • The final step is a deep laser resurfacing treatment 14 days later.

The TryGLO® Method requires treatment sessions every 12-18 Months.

TrySKIN® Method

  • The first step is a light laser treatment with minimal downtime.
  • The second step is a cosmetic injectable in that same visit.
  • The final step is a customized home skincare routine, which will be purchased in the med spa.

The TrySKIN® Method requires treatment sessions every 3 Months.

TryLIP® Method

  • If you’re under 40, this method was created to preserve lips. If you’re over 40, this technique is designed to restore lips. This method injects the border of the lip rather than the lip itself.
  • Then your skin artist ensures your lip columns are aligned, symmetrical, and present.
  • Finally, we lift the corners of your mouth to preserve or restore downturned corners.

The TryLIP® Method requires treatment sessions every 12 months.

TryLASE® Method

  • This method involves dissolving unplanned outcomes and treating adverse events.
  • After dissolving, we use a laser treatment to tighten the skin in the impacted area.
  • Finally, we place filler correctly in the desired area for optimal results.

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