Sarah Chan



Sarah Chan, RN, is a nursing professional with seven years of dedicated experience in the healthcare field. She graduated with her associates degree in nursing with honors, and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing from Oregon Health and Sciences University. Having relocated to Arizona two and a half years ago, Sarah appreciates the breathtaking scenery and favorable weather of her new home. She honed her expertise in dermal fillers and neurotoxins through certification at the National Laser Institute in Scottsdale.  A skilled aesthetic injector, Sarah possesses an artistic eye and a genuine passion for beauty, viewing herself as an artist of the face. Specializing in Full Facial Balancing, Sarah takes pride in her ability to enhance natural beauty and create harmonious facial proportions.

Sarah shares her life with her fiancé and her beloved cat, Apollo. The Esthetic Solutions Med Spa team loves her contagious enthusiasm and vibrant energy, her meticulous eye for precision and balance, and her compassionate approach to patient care, recognizing each individual’s unique needs. 

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