Who Is Debbie Schechner?

Meet the woman behind the laser, Debbie Schechner, Esthetic Solutions Med Spa’s Certified Laser Technician, Certified Laser Instructor, and Laser Safety Officer.

She is also known as the “HALO Queen.”

But, don’t let the name fool you; Debbie has extensive knowledge in more than just the Sciton® HALO®. She has worked with approximately 25–35 laser devices throughout the past 17 years of experience.‍

The technology of lasers today has come light years over the past 2 decades. Debbie is one of the few laser specialists who stayed on the path to upgrading and utilizing the technological changes that have advanced skincare, especially aging. Or we could even say pausing aging.

One of the factors for Debbie in choosing her career as an expert laser and skin technician was totally by accident. She’s a welder, glass blower, and has been featured in multiple art galleries. However, living in Arizona, it gets too hot to blow glass, so she started looking for a “real job.”‍

When she was growing up in Los Angeles, CA, being at the beach was the thing to do, and she hated to shave. So, when she received her driver’s license, the first place she drove to was to get a bikini wax. She hated waxing and shaving constantly, especially her in-grown hairs. Waxing was creating issues like in-grown hair, scarring, redness, and bumps.

She found the answer to her “real job,” but also what she looked for throughout her teenage years—Laser Hair Removal.  With this laser treatment, she could remove hair to create smooth skin with laser hair removal, go to the beach, and wear that bikini with confidence.

This opened a whole new world for Debbie about what was possible with lasers, skincare, and even anti-aging treatments.

What Does Debbie’s Experience Mean?

That’s an important question when you put yourself, or should I say your face and body, in the hands of someone using such powerful, even life-altering, laser technology.‍

The answer—Debbie has over 17 years of combined skincare and laser experience. Debbie has been performing laser treatments, training doctors, nurses, and other laser technicians about the art of laser, and has extensive knowledge of the Sciton® HALO™ procedure. From reducing sunspots to promoting anti-aging, she says this procedure “will change your life!” Debbie’s love for the HALO™ grew out of the tearful testimonials from her patients thanking her for the life-altering outcome having the HALO treatment gave them.‍

Debbie joined Esthetic Solutions Med Spa in Scottsdale, AZ, in 2022, bringing with her a vast experience and a unique group of specialties:

  • Beginning the anti-aging process by correcting with laser treatments. Patients in their late 20s and 30s should focus on slowing aging by stimulating cell turnover and collagen. This approach forestalls having a neck lift in your 50s!
  • Medical corrective skincare. Chemical peels can be applied in different strengths to the face, hands, and neck.
  • Deep Laser Resurfacing. This treatment is for wrinkles and fine lines, acne scarring, surgical scars, stretch marks, hair reduction, skin tightening and firming, uneven pigment correction, broken capillaries, rosacea, texture, toning, reducing pore size, and more.
  • Rejuvenation and maintenance. Patients between the ages of 40s and 80s should focus on skin tightening, cellular rejuvenation, scar resurfacing, and collagen regrowth to replace aging with younger skin.
  • Correction of acne or surgical scarring. This can be done for anyone who is in their late teens, 20s, and beyond.
  • Vaginal tightening and rejuvenation. Women who experience lax perineum, urine leakage, chronic infections, and dryness should consider these sexual rejuvenation treatments.

Of course, everyone wants to look their youngest for as long as possible. Debbie is the queen at keeping the skin on your face, neck, and hands looking youthful. But there is a practical side to advanced skincare.

Here are real-life examples of how Debbie has changed the quality of life for 3 different types of patients:

  1. Professional women in their 40s and 50s. Many of these women are hiding behind heavy makeup. They feel they must compete with women in their 30s and gain equal recognition. We are talking about correcting skin tone and texture, uneven pigmentation, and light wrinkles—not hiding them behind makeup. We want to create dewy, fresh skin. Debbie can skillfully blend the “Rule of Decades”—face, chest, and hands to present a congruent appearance as the eye travels. Nothing gives away age faster than smooth facial skin, and then the neck, chest, and hands are wrinkled, or the skin is dry, which looks a decade older. This is NOT a quick fix but rather a process that turns back the hands of time with each treatment.
  2. 18-year-old girl with excess body hair. She suffers from a predisposing genetic growing which causes too much hair on her body. Imagine the self-consciousness, even the shame that she experiences. Being a teenager is tough already and when you can’t wear shorts, put on a bathing suit, or even a tank top without feeling ashamed, that can have a negative impact on self-esteem for your entire life. Debbie is removing the hair from her body with laser technology in a series of treatments. This young woman is ecstatic about how much it’s changed her life. Her mother can’t believe the difference in her, both physically and mentally. Laser hair removal is life-changing for this family.
  3. Mother of 3, in her late 30s, suffering from incontinence caused by childbirth. She was unable to run or work out without leaking urine. But that also meant that her pelvic muscles were stretched from giving birth 3 times, which invariably affects one’s sex life. But with the FemiLift® laser treatment, the incontinence was resolved with a painless series of treatments that tighten the muscles in a way that cannot be done with surgery or Kegel’s exercise. Today this mom of 3 can work out, run, and feel more confident in the bedroom!

Schedule With Debbie

During your consultation with Debbie, you will quickly see why she is the lead laser technician at Esthetic Solutions Med Spa in Scottsdale. You can expect privacy, the latest technology, and exclusivity that the Esthetic Solutions strives for.

Laser technology produces visible, life-changing results that require experience and dedication to each patient’s individual goals. Debbie says to her patients, “Your goals are my goals.”‍

Debbie’s patients—both men and women—routinely get compliments on their skin and refreshed, youthful looks, and they express an increase in confidence. It’s no wonder she’s earned the nickname “HALO Queen.” Many of Debbie’s former clients have followed her to Esthetic Solutions Med Spa because of the consistent extraordinary outcomes they experience with her.‍

It’s not the device—it’s the technician.

Start your customized skincare journey with Debbie today! Schedule your consultation by calling 480.280.6062.

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